Video Content: One of the Most Powerful Tools in Your "Brand Awareness" Arsenal

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness - Why Every Company Needs It Done Right

Building brand awareness is one of the keys to standing out from your competition, regardless of the type of business you're currently running. When you think about some of the most successful companies in human history - GE or Apple or Disney - the one thing that they all have in common is that they've built unbelievably strong branding over time. When you visit a Disney website, you're getting the same type of experience that you would if you set foot in one of the company's theme parks. Apple's website and commercials represent the same style that is found in their hardware and software products. By creating a strong brand that people understand, identify with and remember, you're increasing brand awareness at the same time. One of the most powerful ways to do this is through the production of video content for your website and various marketing channels.

Brand Awareness through Video Content - Play the Matching Game

Remember that video content like ads, informational videos, testimonial videos, corporate promo videos and more needs to have that same brand consistency to be as effective as possible. Videos are designed to complement the rest of your brand building efforts, not take away from them - which is exactly what poorly designed video content will do.

One of the most important factors to consider when brand building using video content is the voice that you've chosen to use. In this regard, it can be helpful to always keep your buyer personas in mind. If you were building a real estate website that was targeting individuals who were both highly educated and had a large amount of disposable income, your text content would naturally be written at a high level. You wouldn't be afraid to use longer sentences, big words and other things to increase the quality of the content in question. The video content that you're putting out into the world needs to make the same type of language decisions to not only successfully target those buyer personas, but to also make sure that it is consistent with the other elements of your website and campaigns.

Another major factor to consider involves the way videos look and feel. If the rest of your site is highly professional and relies heavily on a sleek, minimalist design, it would feel jarring to viewers if your videos were suddenly filled with flashy special effects, silly music and a "wacky" actor. Your customers wouldn't necessarily know what to expect from your company after seeing those two competing brand messages in such a short amount of time. However, if you ran a party planning businesses, that type of video production may feel right at home.

It's Not Only an Option Anymore

Studies have shown that people dramatically prefer videos over nearly all other types of content on the Internet. In that regard, video production is one of the most powerful tools in your "brand building" arsenal. If the videos that you're producing aren't consistent with that brand, however, or if they're putting across a completely contradictory message through voice or aesthetic decisions, they stand to do far more harm than good.