What a Small Business can Learn From Big Business Video Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, bigger budgets can yield bigger results, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a little creativity can’t go a long way. There is much to be learned from the big brands and how they incorporate video into their successful marketing campaigns.

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Luckily, you don’t have to pay top dollar to learn a few of their ideas. Here’s some advice a big wig might give you on kicking your video marketing strategy into gear.

Have a Content Strategy

Do not go into digital marketing blind. There are certain avenues you must take to have an effective marketing strategy that works. This isn’t about posting a few videos across your social media. A content strategy involves researching your market, planning in advance, and strategizing your approach. Here are just a few steps you shouldn’t forget:

1.     Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Research your keywords and make sure you are using them throughout your content.

2.     Curate original and influencer content: Write blogs, shoot videos, film testimonials, etc..

3.     Set a schedule: Make sure you have an editorial calendar with at least a month of content.

4.     Test results: At the end of every quarter, test your metrics to see how you are doing and make adjustments where needed.

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If you take the time to shoot a video (or hire a crew like us), then you should also consider where and when you will be placing the content. Planning ahead ensures you always have something to say.

Experiential Marketing

One thing a big business does well is to create experiences. This is known as experiential marketing. When looking at the top video trends for 2018, projection mapping is the coolest. This is a technique companies are using to project large video displays onto the side of buildings and monuments. Usually done at live events and other gatherings, it allows people to make an emotional connection to the brand by creating a momentous occasion.

Real Estate Virtual Tours

Real estate agents have been realizing the buyer’s imagination for years by using 360-degree video as a virtual property tour. Research from the National Association of Realtors demonstrated that video was helping buyers make purchasing decisions and that at least 40% of all buyers ranked them as “very useful.”

In fact, they found the video presentations more useful than information the agents gave them, contract status, sold properties, and pending sales. So, this is one industry that could give any business owner a plethora of good advice on video marketing.

Pepsi Max and Jeff Gordon Present “The Test Drive”

Another form of experiential marketing through video was done by Pepsi Max and the racecar driver Jeff Gordon. The video, entitled “The Test Drive” features a poor, unsuspecting car salesman who has the ride of his life when Jeff gets behind the wheel.

Although consumers were not actually involved in the shooting, they could feel the authentic fear of the white-knuckling salesman. As a result, the video has received over 42 million views on YouTube and counting.

Focus Your Efforts

Developing a content strategy will help you focus your efforts. As a smaller business, you probably have less wiggle room for campaigns that fail. Thus, it is important to pay attention to your niche markets.

Using One Social Media Platform

This doesn’t mean you are confined to one platform, but it does mean you should focus the volume of your video content on one platform. The most common ones today are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter depending on your audience. Focus will conserve your resources while enabling you to take full advantage of the platform. Planning to post video to more than one platform, several times a week, may be overkill.


Google algorithms this year are favoring location in a major way. That means marketing your business with local keywords and toward resident businesses. This is how you will rank high in searches. This doesn’t mean you ignore other marketing efforts but, rather, that you include location as a super important part of your marketing strategy.

Real-Time Marketing

Large companies establish relevancy by constantly remaining on the ball. Whether it is Oreos attaching themselves to the Olympics or Doritos and the Super Bowl, real-time marketing is very newsworthy. Using topics on the top of peoples’ minds and attaching them to a brand video is an excellent means of modern marketing.  

Be a Storyteller

Lastly, it’s all about having a story that people relate to. Using a dry and hollow-sounding “About Us” section is a thing of the past. The big brands know that you need to be a storyteller to have people listen.

Fashion brands do an impeccable job of using video to demonstrate their brand culture and tell a story about their product. Many companies will trace their textiles back to the countries of origin and create video marketing campaigns surrounding the artisans who create the materials and their lifestyles.

There is a lot to be learned from big business because they are often the first ones to take marketing risks. No worries when it comes to budget, though, because a little creativity goes a long way.

If you have any questions about up-sizing your efforts, give us a call. We can help you get a video marketing strategy in order today.