What is a Marketing Video?


Don’t worry. We’re going to make it easy by putting the answer right here: A marketing video is any video that amplifies one or more of your marketing messages. Easy enough, right? Now for the harder questions; What marketing messages should you use in your video? What does a marketing video look like? How long should it be?

Be Current

The messaging you use in your marketing video should be current, concise, and engaging. Current information includes what your brand is up to right now - things like current products or services that are available, new and upcoming product releases, company events, and company culture.

The exception to this would be a video talking about the history of your brand in order to show how long you’ve been around, what you’ve accomplished and why you’re considered experts in your field. That, in itself, can be a marketing video too.

Be Concise

We all know this already but it’s worth repeating. Get right to the point with your video. Sit down with the team and decide what this video is about. Pick one or two points. Don’t try and cram everything about everything into one video. All too often, a client will come to us with a huge script and by the time the video is completed it’s been cut in half. Start out with a nice, compact script and you’ll be fine.

Be Engaging

There’s a reason someone is watching your video. They want to know more about who you are, what you do, and what you offer. So you did your first job right. You got them to this point. Now you need to make sure your messaging comes across in a way that keeps them watching. Be fun, be different, be quirky. But no matter what approach you take, stay on message.

look matter.gif

In the World of Video Marketing, Looks Matter

Make sure your marketing video looks professional. A professional video will make your brand look professional. The reverse of that is also true, and nothing turns off a viewer faster than bad looking video. Hire a production company that can do the quality of work that you need.

..But the third bowl of porridge was just right

In the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears the little girl samples three bowls of porridge - one from Papa Bear, one from Mama Bear, and one from Baby Bear. The first bowl is too hot. The second bowl was too cold. But the third bowl was just right.

Your video shouldn’t be too long that it puts people to sleep, and it shouldn’t be too short that you can’t get your message across without things being too confusing. The perfect length is one that keeps people watching while still being able to communicate the message clearly.

Michael Hammond