What Makes a Good Product Video?


You probably know that a good product video is one that clearly describe what your product is; a car, a piece of software, a line of clothing, etc. Unfortunately, this is where a lot of brands stop. Meanwhile, their smart competitors are taking their own conversations further.

Besides the what in a good product video, there's also the why. Why does your product exist? What pain points does it address and what solutions does it offer? These are questions that (hopefully) you've already answered in marketing meetings. But does your audience know these answers too, or does it only know what your product does?

There's also the who. Who are the people behind the product? Why is it important to them that they're offering it to the world? Why did they even decide to come up with it in the first place.

Then there's the how. How is your product better than someone else's? Why should anyone consider trying it out?


Sometimes we forget that part of a good product video is to have a storytelling aspect. For one of our recent clients, there was a very real and personal reason for the creation of their brand. When we worked with them on concept and scripting, we suggested that they talk about that history so viewers could connect to them and their company. Check out the video below that starts with that story.

Mixing live action with animation and good storytelling is a great way to catch a viewer's attention and keep them watching.


What are the little things that make a good product video? You should pay close attention to match your brand colors, fonts, look and feel, and personality. Watch the video again and notice that the blue in the lower thirds for the co-founders match the blue in the logo. And the animations match the colors of the logo and our clients' website. These details tie everything together and make your video a "package" that is easier to remember than a video that is all over the place in terms of fonts, colors, etc.

USE IT ONCE, TWICE, Three times

We always tell clients that it's a good idea to try and reuse video content in as many ways as possible. The best way to accomplish this is to plan for it right from the start. We write scripts in a way that allows us to make multiple, shorter videos from the large, main piece we're creating. In this instance, our client is walking away with:

  • A fundraising video to show potential investors
  • The main About Us video (seen above) to use on their website, trade shows and conferences
  • An edit of the video that stands alone as a Product Video
  • A short version of just the Bio-Tract™ animation (watch below) for use as an Explainer Video on specific web pages, social media, and email campaigns
This is a quick explainer video showcasing how our client's probiotics work by breaking down more slowly than competitors.


If you're sweating a few bullets about creating a product video for your company, we're here to help. It's what we do. So reach out and say hi to get the ball rolling and let's get you some video content to work with!




Michael Hammond