What type of video do I need for my company?

Video seems to be the medium that speaks to people in the corporate arena.

Perhaps it's because a video is vastly more engaging than powerpoint, white papers, a wall of text or even a set of graphs, but video is taking over the internet and the channels for spreading your corporate message.

Corporate videos can be used to communicate with employees, relay a message, describe a product, or for a variety of customer-facing content.

The type of corporate video you choose often depends on your message and audience. The following are some examples of the common style of video used in the corporate world:

Vision/Introductory Video: These introduce your company brand, mission statement, goal, and vision. It should be short in length, straight to the point, and explain to your target audience exactly what the company has to offer.

We don't just do it for clients. Our own demo reel is a showcase of the types of videos we create, some of the clients we work with and some of the styles we can produce for you.

Taking a storytelling approach to an introductory video is the most direct way to engage your audience. Tell them who you are, where you came from, and what you care about, and they will connect with you.

Training Video: Training videos are usually played during onboarding, orientations and skill-building initiatives to clearly demonstrate expectations of the job and deliver how-to's in a clear and direct way. They can vary in length depending on the task at hand.

Broadcasted Video: Otherwise known as "commercials," these are 15-30-60 second spots that sell your product or service, and are broadcasted across a variety of channels. Typically, these types of corporate videos are the most costly to produce but are of the highest quality.

Digital Marketing Video: A much more accessible version of a broadcast video, a digital marketing video is simply meant to reach your virtual audience on the internet- where they are most of the time. This can be done through a variety of platforms like the corporate website, social media pages, email, and through ads and content distribution networks.

These videos are not subject to time limits like broadcasted videos so you have more of a chance to explain who you are, what you do, and why your service is important to the audience. Make it funny and “share-worthy” and social media will do the rest.

Internal Communication Video: These types of videos are created to communicate a continual message to employees. Not necessarily for training but for awareness initiatives such as Culture, Safety, Processes, Personal Empowerment, Employee Journeys or testimonials, and so much more. Internal employee communication videos can be used throughout your digital signage, on the corporate website, recruiting sites or linked to an employee portal.

Product/Explainer Videos: Meant to showcase a particular product close-up or "explain" it to an audience in further detail, these types of corporate videos can contain animation, voice-over, and different cinematic effects like color grading.

Product videos can be so much more than "Look at what we can do." Add some drama, some cinema, some storytelling to elevate your message and your brand. In this case, an umbrella becomes the star!

Recruitment Video:

Use these to showcase why your company is the best to work for and what you can offer employees. This type of video should be so engaging, people can't wait to work for you. A recruitment video is an invaluable tool to attract quality employee candidates to your company and should be marketed across all of your digital channels.


If you have customers who are thrilled with your product and don't mind sharing their experience with others, testimonial videos can be a valuable tool. In fact, customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89%. So think of testimonials as must-haves. It is even better if your customers can demonstrate how your product or service has helped them succeed.

A Testimonial and Brand Video can put your customers front and center so they can do the talking for you. It's a great way to make it clear you have clients who trust you and love what you do.

These are just a few of the different ways in which a company can express their brand through video. Corporate videos can be directed to a variety of audiences but their core purpose is always the same—to communicate to people in a way that keeps them engaged and excited about your corporation.

If you need help putting together a corporate video or deciding on the style that's right for you, give us a call today