Why Video is the Key to a Successful Product Launch Checklist

Fortunately, modern marketing is nothing like Don Draper did it.

Rather than the 1950's "product before people" model, the new way to launch starts with your audience. Don't introduce your baby to the world without giving it a bath and haircut first.

The List

A product launch checklist serves as a means to stay on track throughout the entire launch process. It's a useful tool for the commercial release of your new or enhanced offerings.

If you have persnickety tendencies, checklists are lifesaving. They let everyone know exactly what their job is and when it needs to get done. From pricing and collateral to legal and marketing, it helps you cover all the bases. The following are the general stages that make up a successful checklist:


Positioning and Messaging

Now that you have a template, you need to develop your audience and personas.

Customer and audience development boils down to doing your homework. Before you know exactly what to say, you have to know who you are talking to. Defining your audience will help you to better understand all the communication steps you will need to take before and after your launch.

This is the stage in which you turn all of your customer notes into something actionable.


Positioning happens before messaging, and that includes working out the following details about your product:

  • Target: Who are your buyers?
  • Segment: What specific attribute makes your product or service appealing? What exactly is your audience looking for?
  • Brand: What do you call your company?
  • Category: A competitive framework for the buyer. Consider who you are competing with and then distinguish yourself from them.
  • Distinction: Set yourself apart and focus on what makes you unique.
  • Proof: Something that backs up your claims.

Once you have laid out all these details, creating specific messages and marketing campaigns should be a tad easier. The best formula is like filling out a Mad Lib:

“For target who are segment, brand provides the category with distinction because proof.”

Once you have a better understanding of your position, you can then create targeted messages to reach specific audiences.

And here's where video comes in- whether the need is training users, driving interest through teasers, making grand announcements, refreshing skills with webinars, crowdfunding to get to the next level, or for major social amplification, video is there every step of the way on your launch checklist.

Deployment / Launch

Now you get to start talking. Once you have developed some robust video marketing campaigns, it is time to release them to your audience at just the right time and place. This is where the art of deployment comes in. Integrate mini-launches into your overall campaign calendar and pay attention to buyer needs.

What platforms are your buyers active on? What video content do they like to see? Understand each segment of your audience, their needs, and exactly how to respond to them. Define objectives used to achieve these tactics and go get 'em!

Continuous Improvement

Finally, you need to decide what outcomes you want to accomplish with your product launch and how you will measure them. Continuous improvement is part of every successful product's lifecycle. Constantly tweaking and updating based on buyer needs and suggestions is how you get your release to be as perfect as possible.

Don't mistake a checklist for a concrete launch plan. This is simply a way to stay on track and should be used only as a guide to go along with launch.

If you need more help creating a product video for any stage of your project launch, give us a call. We'll help you get one implemented in your checklist today.