Why You Need Video for Your Social Content Strategy

It's time for some impressive numbers: Snapchat and Facebook have both surpassed 8 billion daily video views while YouTube has acquired over a billion users who watch hundreds of million of videos every day. And to think, Snapchat is less than 8 years old—I bet you can see where this is going.

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If you are not creating videos and promoting them on your social channels right now, you are missing a major piece of the digital marketing puzzle. The payoffs from investing in video can be two-fold. In short, to maintain a competitive edge you must establish a strong social content strategy that involves video.

What is Social Video?

Simply put, social video is any digital video that is designed to be posted and shared on social channels. This can be anything from a full-production commercial to a live stream on an iPhone. The idea is that the ultimate home for these videos is an online social environment.

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Social video is not to be confused with viral video. There is a big difference. Your social video doesn’t need millions of views to reach your goals or to become successful. Even if you only get a few hundred views, if all of them turn into leads for your product/service, you are winning right there.

Standards for Social Video

Social videos are not something you just shoot and throw on your website. They need to be planned properly. Have you see the stats that tell us we all have short attention spans and that episodic content is also very appealing to people. Why not make a web-series surrounding your brand?

If you can get an audience hooked into a storyline, it's sure to lead to some conversions. Here are just a few key things to remember about social video:


No two social channels are the same. When developing your social content strategy for video, know which platform your audience prefers and optimize your videos for that one. A video that works on Facebook will probably need to be super edited for Instagram.


If you're pre-record your video to post and use later on social, keep in mind that it’s all about making it shareable. This usually involves telling a story and producing appealing video content that will captivate the audience and spur them into action. Social media storytelling is vital to making your video engaging.

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Whether it's filmed live (an event for instance) or professionally produced for later use, your video should always be authentic and provide some form of real-time engagement. If it is a live video, make sure it feels more like a conversation between you and the viewer. Pre-recorded video should always include a call to action for brand continuity.

Overall, remember that your strategy is to place these videos where people socialize. So if you always make them engaging, shareable, and formatted to the right platform, you should be golden.

Why Social Video?

The proof is in the pudding. There is a reason why Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter all have their own video features. It’s the most popular form of social content out there. Here are a few reasons why you should consider video in your social content marketing strategy:

  • Networks favor video: The algorithms have been programmed to know that rich content is favored more by users. Thus, your video is more likely to sit at the top of a search over other tweets, posts, and competitor content.
  • Get with your competition: A 2016 survey found that 61% of businesses are using video. In the previous year, 66% had not been using video at all. And the trend continues upward (we're still waiting for the numbers on 2017). As companies recognize the growing power of video, your opportunity to stand out will shrink. Get on the ball now, get a loyal audience, and get ahead of your competition.
  • Make more money: Social videos deliver incredible ROI. Many companies avoid video because they feel it can be costly up front, but the payoffs can be astounding. There is already so much buzz around social video. For example:
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How much you earn from social video depends on how and where you use it. Therefore, it is critical that you create and plan a social content strategy ahead of time. Shooting and promoting video for digital marketing can take time, so developing a quarter or two ahead is probably your best bet.

Meeting your consumers where they mingle is always a great idea for getting their attention. And the best way to get people’s attention online, has been shown to be video. Your power to captivate your audience and further brand loyalty lies in the efforts you put into creating authentic video content and putting them in the right spot!

If you have any question on making a social video or want to get started, give us a call. We can help you plan your social video content strategy today.