Your Content Strategy is Incomplete Without Video

Almost 70% of all global consumer internet traffic is video.

That's 2/3 of your content strategy out the window if you skip over using video. Fortunately, modern digital media has made it very easy for people to produce incredible videos for a fraction of the cost and time.

Content Strategy 101

When it comes to content, your entire digital marketing plan should be based around the ideal marketing funnel. This funnel is comprised of three components:

  • Awareness: Get people talking about your brand, product, and/or service.  Make them "aware" of who you are as a business.
  • Consideration: Educate your audience on the benefits of your solution and how it can add value to their life. Never sell them.
  • Decision: Make people make decisions easier. That means giving them the information and space to feel confident in their purchase.

Having set and defined goals for content is half the battle. You also have to make things interesting. That's where video comes in. There is a way to incorporate video along every touchpoint in the marketing funnel.

Types of Video for Your Content Strategy

Awareness is perhaps the most important stage. This is where you need to be the strongest in your engagement and marketing appeal. The intent with your content should be to amaze, appeal, and answer people. The following are some examples of videos that bring awareness to your product/service:

  • Video documentaries
  • Brand videos
  • Inspiring/entertaining
  • Educational videos
  • Explainer videos

Once your audience moves into the "consideration" part of the funnel, you can step up your game a tad. Consider video content like:

  • Product videos
  • Case studies
  • Testimonials
  • About Us/Culture videos
  • Videos in e-mail campaigns

Once a prospect has made the decision to purchase, you can choose video content like:

  • FAQ videos
  • More in-depth explainer videos
  • Instructional videos
  • More personalized brand videos

You may feel like using video in your content marketing is timely or costly, but that is not the case. Hiring a professional video production team at the inception of a content strategy will ensure you always have video as an integral part of your digital marketing plan.

Don't let your campaigns fall to the wayside because you didn't include simple videos in your content strategy. This is exactly the type of content consumers are looking for, so why not engage them on their level?

Give us a call today and we can help you plot your content strategy to include video every step of the way.