How to Make Employee Training Videos More Dynamic and Engaging

Does that huge HR manual need to be turned into training videos for the team? Or is there a process in your organization that is complex and you need to create learning videos to instruct employees on how to use it?

Animated videos and talking head videos might get the job done, but how do you create video content that viewers will want to watch and, more importantly, how do you get them to retain the information?

Make better learning and training videos!

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Michael Hammond
Marketing Video Production - Cost and Planning

How much will it cost?

It’s almost always the first question we hear from clients. And it’s a hard one to answer until we know more about what needs to go into your project.

This blog post breaks down the question and offers 3 suggestions for getting the answer you’re looking for.

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The Making of: CEO Branding Message Video

The big day is finally here. You’re about to appear on camera and it’s a little scary, a little exciting, and completely different from your everyday responsibilities. But have no fear, it’s going to be OK.

Here are a few ways you can prepare for your shoot, and what you can expect once you’re on set with us.

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Michael Hammond
Trick Question: How Long Should a Corporate Video Be?

A good corporate video is not defined by how long or short it is. It's defined by the quality of the content and the relevance of the message. Still, it's a question we hear all the time - "How long should our video be?"

We talk about three key factors that can answer this question for you; Message, Audience, Budget.


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Your 2018 Year-End Marketing Checklist

So let's face it...This year was so crazy. If your head is spinning just like ours, you may have forgotten there are some loose ends to tie up before it's time to jump right into 2019.

But don't let panic sneak up on you! The following is a quick checklist to ensure you have everything wrapped up, before you start unwrapping the new year.

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