CEOs are the public face of most companies and organizations. Having them present in an online video is an extension of this visiblity an brings a certain credibility to the video. We recently worked with 4 Billion Strong, a new Internet-based subscription service for women, to produce the video that would present them to the world.

So, why is this a good video?

This video is powerful for several reasons, and it's a good roadmap for others who would like to create one.

  • Lighting - Specifically during the CEO comments. It looks clean, bright and balanced. It says "professional" and is a good vehicle for showcasing the brand.
  • Audio - The CEOs voice is clear and sounds great. It's been said (and it's true) that good audio is 80% of what makes a good video. And good audio is another important aspect that relays a sense that the viewer is checking out a professional company with a real service.
  • Messaging - The script is written and delivered directly to the target audience - women. And it covers everything from how the service works, to the donations that will be given to charities women care about. Anytime a mission statement can be included in your video, it's highly suggested.






It depends. How visible is your CEO in the day-to-day operations of your company? How comfortable would they be on camera? How much time do they have to devote to it? Would including them in the video provide a boost or a credibility? Ask yourself these questions and you'll know the answer.

Storyboard Media Group™ works with you to ensure that you’re not just “getting a video.” We deliver corporate video production in NYC, NJ, CT and PA based on what you’re trying to achieve in your marketing strategy. Wwe'll work with you to make sure you see real ROI on your investment.

This includes making your CEO look good, and helping to make sure your message comes across loud and clear. We know the best video marketing strategies,