WHAT IS THE definition of success?

Our client, Davek Accessories in New York City, asked Storyboard Media Group to help with a fund-raising campaign they were planning. Having worked together in the past, they knew how powerful a well-crafted video could be in raising awareness for their brand and increasing their client base.

The video below - a mix of live action, animation, and an interview with their CEO - got over 20,000 complete views and helped Davek raise more than their $50,000 goal for the successful funding of their campaign. Watch their video and then learn more about why this video was successful.


The most important thing about this fundraising video is the connection it makes with the audience. Having the company CEO being interviewed is a good way to give viewers the confidence to know you're a real company, and that you can be trusted. After all, if the CEO is willing to be front and center he or she really believes in the message.

This video got results because it shows the human side of Davek Accessories. We included shots of the team working together so viewers could get to know the company a little more. Again, it shows that this is a real company doing real work.


VIDEO PRODUCTION that makes a connection

It tells a story (or two) by talking about why they wanted to create a new product line. And it does that by establishing a pain point/connection that most of us can relate to (leaving our favorite umbrella behind). 

It explains the process of finding the technology that makes the new umbrellas possible (proximity awareness) and goes even further by describing how it works (without getting too technical).

Finally, it shows the prototype in action, in a real-world setting. This helps viewers visualize how the umbrella technology works and that it can actually do what the company says it can do.


VIDEO PRODUCTION made for multiple types of digital campaigns

Another reason this video was so successful was its use across all social and online channels. Davek used it on a popular fundraising site, in their blog, on their website and even partnered with bloggers and tech writers to promote the video on their sites. The great thing about video content is that there are multiple ways to use it which increase its ROI time and time again.

Even though every product, every service, every company and every video project is different, there are some basics that should be followed to make sure you get the ROI you expect from your video marketing. Good content is still the king and good storytelling still gets results.

Storyboard Media Group is a full service video production agency that knows video production inside and out. We can help you succeed with video production that is crafted for results. Call or write today and tell us about your project.