From LIVE CORPORATE EVENTS to fireside chats.

There are a million things to worry about when you plan an event. If video production is one of those things, let us handle it for you.

Our full-service event video production includes multi-cam coverage, audio capture, lighting, planning on your behalf with the venue, on-location interviews and testimonials, editing the footage and more.

Make your event work for you, Right after the lights go down

Whether it’s a product launch, or an in-store promotion, a great event video can show your followers what it was really like to feel the energy and excitement – Storyboard Media Group helps you create a professional event video with branding, graphics, multi-cam coverage, soundtracks, transitions, and more – and gets your edit ready to go, posted and distributed while the event is still
relevant and top of mind to your target audience.

bring voice to your brand

Your corporate events are a reflection of your brand. Whether they're about the people, the product, the service or the brand, it's important to recognize the essence and be able to deliver it in a professionally created video.

As your event videography service, we ensure that we've got all of your needs covered, from live streaming your live performances, capturing valuable sales and corporate training, to event promotions. 

Trusted by startups and established brands...