green screen video productions

Ready, set, green screen!

WHO is it for?

The short answer? Almost anyone really. Green screen production opens up possibilities for creativity that other types of video production can't. A lot of times we find that clients aren't even aware of the possibility. But when it makes sense, we make the suggestion.


Besides the normal planning there's the perfect lighting, the right camera settings, the correct clothing for the subjects, key framing in post-production....well, there's quite a bit actually.

This is where Storyboard Media Group's experience can help. If you think a green screen video production makes sense for you, but you're not sure how to get started we'd love to talk. From planning to delivery we help make the process easy and even a little fun.


when should it be used?

Green screen should be used when it's less expensive than shooting in the "real world". And it's definitely called for when you want a background that is just about impossible to create in real life.

As you can see from this example we created for Hayward Pools, it was possible to create an environment that moved and changed behind the actors. Our client wanted to show how using their app could help a client visualize what their backyard could look like with different pool-building options.

Not only would this video be impossible in the real world, but if it was it would be prohibitively expensive.



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