WHAT it is, and what it did

Hayward Pools in New Jersey came to us with a concept for a video that would showcase their brand new mobile app. This app helps pool builders show their customers all the different things that can done to create an amazing backyard.

This video uses a mix of green screen video production, artwork and animation, and the new app to illustrate how it all works. The result was an increase in business for our client, and an increase in sales for their pool builder partners.

This video production involved filming in front of a green screen and replacing it with animated art. It is both informative and interesting to watch.



With so many things competing for our time and attention in today's world, good and interesting content will always win. That's why it's so important to go beyond the message itself. You need to give viewers a reason to keep watching so that they have time to digest what you want them to know.

The visual elements of this video project are unique and creative and it keeps viewers interested. Things are always changing, but those changes never take away from the message. This was the first part of the success - keeping viewers engaged.



Hayward Pools knew the demographic of their targeted viewer inside and out. And the demographic was very focused. This helped make the video successful because the messaging was laser-focused at the core audience of pool builders. The script was written to show the exact kind of conversation they tend to have with customers, and the animated background matched exactly what was happening in the conversation. It also identifies, and resolves, a pain point experienced by pool builders - trying to help their customers visualize what certain products and systems could do for their backyards.


The end result benefited everyone

Hayward Pools received significant positive feedback from pool builders who ended up downloading the app and using it with their customers. This, in turn, help Hayward Pools sell more products and pool systems. And the pool builders (as we learned from our client) reported a noticeable increase in their ability to sell more products. Storyboard Media Group got the chance to work on a challenging video project that was fun and effective, and one that helped people communicate and share ideas. And finally, homeowners got to see how their pools might look with all the different options that were being offered to them.

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