Seeking outreach to the youth community across the five boroughs of New York, the Director of External Affairs reached out to the Storyboard team to help with an awareness, learning and orientation video project.

The primary goals were to share a “You Can Too” message for prospective students who may have thought college out of reach; Engage a young audience to learn about student life, how to apply for various programs and their benefits; Gain an orientation of the facilities in place to assist them, including advisement, admissions, orientation, student services, and international programs.

It was key for the college to present the information in a tone that would connect with a diverse, millennial audience. Establishing a partnership was a significant requirement in ensuring that Storyboard completely understood the culture and mission of the CUNY system.

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As part of an international expansion, the CFO, VP of Marketing and partners at MALO Smiles reached out to Storyboard Media Group to help educate potential patients in a new market.

With a fresh suite of videos and photography, the executive team wanted to create awareness, educate their demographic in ways that would mitigate anxiety around an often scary process (dental implant surgery), and introduce the audience to their facilities and teams in a welcoming fashion.

MALO knew they had a challenge. Up to 40 million people a year avoid having dental procedures completed due to Dental Phobia and Dental Anxiety. This project reached beyond video and was a full-service collaboration that included consultation, message development, branding, crafting of training and awareness aid materials and production execution.

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