Learning & Training Videos with an Agency Approach

Using a creative agency to develop corporate learning videos might be counterintuitive but here are 5 hidden benefits and a client success story to showcase why it's a winning combo!

  • We make the videos that your employees watch on YouTube, ads and billboards every day, we know what gets engagement
  • We have award-winning expert script writers on staff who tap into language and tone that instantly connects
  • Time crunches are our friend, we think in 15-second increments so microlearning videos, live action videos & animated explainers are a breeze
  • As an agency, our expertise at aligning content with brand voice, culture and guidelines is second nature
  • Our designers live on the cutting edge of what's happening in the design and content marketing world


  • Making sure all your employees are focused on the same values, guidelines and procedures can be a daunting task. That's exactly what one client wanted to achieve with their learning initiative and they chose to do it in the form of a 20-video suite.


  • Creating 20 internal learning videos was a multi-day event. It took 3 days to film all the footage that was needed and a total of 25 hours. We had a teleprompter loaded with all the scripts, multiple lights to create a clean, white look, a script supervisor to make sure everyone hit all their points, a production assistant and a camera person.
  • In editing, we scrubbed through all the footage to pick the best deliveries from each person's reading and sweetened their audio. Then we combined the interviews with on-screen text and graphics used to help drive some points home. Each of the 20 videos had the same look and feel to make it a branded suite.


  • Our client reports that the videos were being used almost immediately. They started using them within a couple weeks of our delivery. They are hosted on an internal site where employees can watch them as often as they want, rewind, fast forward and pause. The client also added quizzes to make sure the videos were effective and we're happy to report that the feedback on completion and retention rates is very good! All signs point to advancing more employees through their leadership pipeline.


  • A suite of 20 branded videos to be used as on-boarding training material for new employees, and as refresher content for current employees.
We wanted to film various leaders in the company discussing relevant topics as subject matter experts for employees. Using the video content filmed and edited by Storyboard to assist in our leadership training throughout the company, we found that the team at Storyboard really made the process extremely easy. The turnaround process from Storyboard has been so quick that we are able to share the videos with our leaders within a few days after filming!”

”We have truly enjoyed working with Storyboard Media Group! I would highly recommend them to others because of the smooth and efficient process of working with their team!
— - Shira B., V.P. People Development
“Storyboard team members were very professional and supportive, with timely execution and a great end product!”
— - Patty D., V.P. Human Resources Field Services