testimonial video

One of our favorite things to work on is a great testimonial video. When done right, they're not only an important part of a brand, but they're fun to create. Working with real people who are real customers becomes a very personal and impressive corporate video.

why is It a great testimonial video?

This video is powerful for several reasons, and it's a good roadmap for others who would like to create one.

  • People, people, people - Customers are front and center in this video. And they speak from the heart about what the company has meant to them. They talk aboue real change that has positively impacted their lives.
  • Let's see what you do - B Roll of our client in action helps to make this video interesting and keeps things moving. It also helps to humanize our client as real people doing good work - they're not just another company.
  • We made sure to use their most important words - One of the hardest parts of the editing process is deciding what stays and what goes. Imagine the task of taking over an hour of interviews and cutting it down to 2 minutes. Working with our client, that's exactly what we did. We listened and made sure to include things like how customers heard about them, how their energy bills were helped, and how great the company has been.




video content marketing

Testimonial videos that put the face of your customer on camera are the most impactful. It's always better when great news about your product or brand comes from someone who has had real experience with it.  A great video can funny, down to earth, info-heavy, light-hearted or incredibly creative.

Storyboard Media Group™ works with you to ensure that you’re not just “getting a testimonial video.” We help deliver on what you’re trying to achieve in your marketing strategy and we'll work with you to make sure you see real ROI on your investment.

Making these person-to-person connections is the key to getting your return on investment for corporate video production, content marketing and creative services.

We make sure to listen to our clients to really understand what the message ias, what you want to achieve with a video, and who you want to speak to.