The answer is simple and can be summed up in this short but sweet quote from our client:

"Patients have been insisting to see me based on the fact that they liked what they saw." - Dr. Lipani

The best outcome of any video content is that it has a positive impact on your business. That can mean raising awareness of your product or service, increasing sales, or elevating your brand. In this case, the testimonial video we created for our client knocked the first two out of the park!



with testimonial videos, SEEING IS BELIEVING

It's not ever enough to just "make a video." Effective video content needs planning, goals, good content and strategy to be successful. Here are some ways this video hit the mark.

Amazing testimonials from real clients - No one is a better salesperson for your brand than real clients. And Princeton's clients hit it out of the park. We've filmed a number of testimonial videos, but the stories we heard from these patients about how their lives have been changed since being cared for by Princeton were very emotional.

Standing out from competitors - More and more businesses are using video to engage new customers. So it's important to make sure you define how your brand is different. We made sure to show that Princeton is a small practice - that means they're centered on customer service, personalized care and knowledgable staff. And again, the testimonials were above and beyond what we normally see.

Using video content in more ways than one - While we filmed and edited for the testimonial video you see above, we also worked with our client to make several individual videos that could be used in different ways. Each interview was used in this main piece, but each was also turned into its own individual testimonial video. That way, Princeton Neurological can rotate each one on and off their website to keep things fresh. They are also able to release each one seperately on social media expand their marketing.


Through all stages of video content creation, we are partners to our client. We work to ensure their goals and vision are met or surpassed. If you are ready to create your own video reach out and contact us to start the conversation today!