High-quality crowdfunding video content to make your new product stand out

Campaigns on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe and IndieGoGo do 128% better when investment in video is part of the strategy. We help you get your funding with unique, well-crafted video content.


We've helped a number of entrepreneurs and companies run very successful Kickstarter campaigns. In each case, our clients' videos helped raise more money than they were asking for. In one case, 128% more money! We also hear from clients that their videos get viewed - a lot. One video got over 20,000 completed views. It's because we work with each client to make sure their videos are creative, on point, and relatable.

We're a full-service video production agency. That means when you're ready to put together a fundraising campaign, we can take your ideas and create a video that will help get you funded.

We'll also recommend ways to maximize the reach of your campaign by offering suggesting that go beyond just creating the video.

We want you to succeed because that's how we succeed.

high-quality video = successful campaigns

We believe it's not enough to just "make a video" anymore. You're going to be going head to head with so many other videos and you need to stand out. That's true for regular brand marketing, and it's even more true when you're looking to crowd fund your project, product or service. There are certain rules you need to follow to make sure the money you spend getting people to notice you translates to people being willing to help you out with funding. To name just a few:

  • Be real, be humble
  • Tell them why this project is worth funding
  • Don't forget the "ask" and the reward
  • Quality content makes you more trusted
  • Stay on top of questions


What is the first step?

A conversation. We'll listen so we can learn about your project, your campaign, your audience and your messaging. We can help with coming up with a creative concept, a script, filming, editing and more. You'll have video content that is creative, effective and engaging. You'll get funded and then it's time to build and grow your brand!



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