whiteboard videos are drawing on inspiration


how to get started

Here's what's needed - a script that speaks to your demographic, artwork, animation, voiceover and music. Simple really. When all these things come together in the right way, you have a video that explains or introduces, and tells a story - all while staying true to your brand. The very definition of great video content marketing.

If you're considering a whiteboard animation video for your company but aren't sure how to get it done, Storyboard Media Group's experience can help. From planning to delivery we help make the process easy. We'll work with you every step of the way to make sure your video performs the way you need it to.


Explain THings simply

Creative, informational and versatile - Three words that describe whiteboard animation videos. More importantly, their main job is to explain concepts to your audience. They're a great way to take a big idea and make it simple to understand. All while being fun to watch.


showcase product features

If you have a new product to introduce, or a current product that requires awareness and new interest,  professional whiteboard animation videos can help. They showcase products in action step-by-step creating location, environment and story quickly.


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