10 Video Marketing Analytics Rules and KPIs to Live By

As a video content marketing agency, we must balance two things: creativity and analytics. When it comes to data analysis, we don’t have a choice. Attention spans are the shortest they’ve ever been and we (and our clients) live and die by the trends we see in our customer data.

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3 Strategies for Keeping Content Marketing Messaging Fresh

Being a creative agency, it’s our job to keep the fresh ideas coming- no matter how wacky, straightforward, curveball or direct….

So how can one maintain a content marketing strategy that’s brand-spanking new in a sea of constant messaging, branding and thought leadership?

We’ll let you in on a few of our time-tested strategies and tips:

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Want More Views? Make Funny Your Strategy

Have you considered using humor in your marketing? Science says funny material gets remembered long after more “normal” content. But companies can find it difficult to make the choice to go funny - does it match the brand? Will people still take them seriously? A short list of Do’s and Do Not’s will set you on the right path.

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Michael Hammond