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How Many Video Marketing Mistakes are you Making?

Everyone makes mistakes but when it comes to video marketing and your brand, you want to try and make as few as possible. Sometimes you may think you are on top of the world with your strategy, only to find your numbers flailing. Don’t lose revenue for too long without taking a keen peek at your current processes. 

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Are you Up-to-Date? A Guide to Digital Marketing Terminology

Digital marketing is part science and part art. This push-pull of left brain/right brain leads to lots of innovation and a flush of new ideas, hashtags, acronyms, tags, buzz words, and terminology that come at us with lightning speed. If you pay attention and keep one ear to the rails, you may just be able to keep up. If only there was a handy guide available to make it all simpler....

Fear not! Working with a wide range of companies big and small, we hear it all. We have added quite a few popular four-letter words to our lingo (your mind—out of gutter) as well as a few mouthfuls (visit-to-contact conversion rate, anyone?) Read this list, bookmark it, and rest easy.

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5 Tips for Optimizing Your Corporate Videos on YouTube

Uploading is just the tip of the iceberg.

But kudos for getting that far. Companies are usually savvy on platforms like Facebook and Twitter but when it comes to YouTube, the potential remains untapped. That's because we have short-form video applications on social platforms. However, it can be argued that they don't nearly have the marketing capacity that YouTube does.

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