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10 Things to Do to Prepare for Your Next Corporate Video Shoot

This blog is your go-to guide and checklist for delivering on any and all things corporate video production and this article is your key to getting the most out of a shoot.  Once you’ve decided on a video marketing approach and have hired a team, follow these 10 tips and it’ll be a smooth ride…

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4 a.m. Wake-up, it's Time for Event Video Production

A life in video production can be an inspired frenzy, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

In order to dedicate expert level team work and talent on every project, we have to plan our days as efficiently as possible, down to the last minute. So we'll take you on a journey way behind the scenes to show you how all the magic happens. Here's a tiny glimpse into a recent 15-hour day of chaos (starting with how we planned ahead.)

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How Fashion Videos Help Demonstrate Brand Culture + True Craftsmanship

Fashion is cutthroat and one way in which brands are gaining a competitive edge is by taking customers on their product journey.

Showing your customer a video of someone personally making your product is by far one of the strongest ways to enforce a brand culture and demonstrate true craftsmanship.

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