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The Top 6 Places you Need to Post Your Corporate Video

A corporate video can sink or swim depending on where it lives. For example, an explainer video may not be the right format for a quick Instagram post, but it could work wonders paired with Facebook content.

If you are scratching your head on where to begin, this post discusses the pros and cons, and best practices for You Tube, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Wistia and your own website. You put the time and effort into creating your video content - now it's time to use it strategically.

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Emotional Marketing: Want Clicks? Do This...

The term "LOL" didn't come out of nowhere. At one time, someone did "laugh out loud" at something on the internet and coined the phrase we all know and love today.

The point is they had an emotional reaction that was so influenced by content, "LOL" became a huge part of our digital language. There are a multitude of ways to get an emotional response from your users and make your content stand out. Try these tactics out... 

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What Brand Awareness and Brand Recall Have in Common: Video

People love videos and they love to share them.

If you're doing something right with your messaging, your videos could be kind of like that pop song that you get caught scream-singing in your car when you think no one is watching :)

Video content is in high demand and there are a number of reasons it's the ultimate tool for branding. Read on for our tips on why.


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Brand Personas: Making Your Company Your Central Character

Building a brand personality that resonates is of utmost importance to reaching consumers in the modern digital landscape.

It's no longer adequate to simply quote a mission statement—you need to feel alive to people. Read on for tips on how you should go about making your company a central character in your campaigns?


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