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Make Content Marketing Dollars Stretch with Video

Who among us is not happy to see the phrase “Buy 1, Get 1 Free?” Or better yet, “3 for the Price of One?” There’s nothing like knowing we’re getting more for our money when it’s time to do some shopping. The same should be true for corporate video.

In this post we show real-life tips to help stretch your budgeting dollars.


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3 Strategies for Keeping Content Marketing Messaging Fresh

Being a creative agency, it’s our job to keep the fresh ideas coming- no matter how wacky, straightforward, curveball or direct….

So how can one maintain a content marketing strategy that’s brand-spanking new in a sea of constant messaging, branding and thought leadership?

We’ll let you in on a few of our time-tested strategies and tips:

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Emotional Marketing: Want Clicks? Do This...

The term "LOL" didn't come out of nowhere. At one time, someone did "laugh out loud" at something on the internet and coined the phrase we all know and love today.

The point is they had an emotional reaction that was so influenced by content, "LOL" became a huge part of our digital language. There are a multitude of ways to get an emotional response from your users and make your content stand out. Try these tactics out... 

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