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4 a.m. Wake-up, it's Time for Event Video Production

A life in video production can be an inspired frenzy, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

In order to dedicate expert level team work and talent on every project, we have to plan our days as efficiently as possible, down to the last minute. So we'll take you on a journey way behind the scenes to show you how all the magic happens. Here's a tiny glimpse into a recent 15-hour day of chaos (starting with how we planned ahead.)

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Filming a Conference in NYC

Planning a corporate event takes a lot of time, energy, sweat and sometimes tears. So you want to make sure it gets seen by everyone who should see it. The problem is that not everyone can be there when the event is taking place. The solution? Film it.

Our clients hosted a panel discussion at Fashion Digital NYC 2016 with presenters from Google, inRiver, Big Commerce and more. Watch to learn more about "micro moments" and how they might help your own marketing strategy.

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Corporate Event Video Production in NYC

Getting the most out of video marketing content isn't limited to brand videos, product videos and testimonials. It makes a lot of sense for event videos too. Whether it's a panel discussion, a corporate event, a conference or seminar there are many ways you can use your content to get the most for your hard work.

We include an example of a multi-use client video and some tips to think about when you are considering filming a corporate event.

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