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Making a Testimonial Video

In our annual 2015/16 Video Marketing Trends survey, marketers and business owners from all across the business spectrum told us that, overwhelmingly, Testimonial videos were their #1 priority.

Princeton Neurological Surgery came to us for help in creating a video that is a little "testimonial", a little "about us", and a little bit of an "introduction" video. All the elements come together to make a really effective piece of content marketing.

We'll look at some of what went into this, and 4 tips for creating your own amazing video.

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Testimonial Video - Princeton Neurological Surgery

What happens when you ask some clients to provide testimonials for your video and they all say amazing things? You get more than you asked for - in a good way!

This mix of an About Us video and a Testimonial video is a piece created for Princeton Neurological Surgery to let potential patients know more about the practice, how they treat patients, and the amazing outcomes they produce.

It's a great example to help explain what should go into a Testimonial video and we provide tips on creating your own.

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2016 Video Marketing Trend: Testimonial Videos as a Priority

Marketing strategies and tactics are ever-changing. It pays to stay on top, or ahead, of the trends. In our 2016 Video Marketing Trends survey, we learned that Testimonial videos are the new #1 priority for marketers in 2016. They take away last year's number one spot from Explainer videos.

This third installment of our 2016 Video Marketing Trends series looks at why Testimonial videos have taken the lead, and offers 3 tips for making yours effective and successful.

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