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5 Short Form Social Video Tips: How to do Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Right

It wasn't that long ago that the term "short-form" referred to video content that was 10 minutes or less in length. Today, the term has taken on a whole new meaning. the new definition of a short-form video is one with a length of 10-15 seconds. Not only has the definition changed but there have also been changes in how and where short-form video is used. Digital ads rule the Internet. Whether on your phone or a desktop, regardless of social channel or streaming service, you're likely to spot a few short-form videos. 

This blog post is about providing you with tips on how to do short form video well.

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2016 Video Marketing Trend: Video Ads

Rumors and whispers are suggesting 2016 will be the year Google starts supporting CPC, targeted video ads in search results. Is it time to say goodbye to plain, old text CPC ads in favor of video ads?

Common sense tells us two things: Google makes money with CPC advertising, and online video is the star of video content - increasing engagement and awareness for companies who do it right. Adding 2+2 makes us think the rumors are true. Be better prepared to use this new avenue for marketing and advertising.

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