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10 Video Marketing Analytics Rules and KPIs to Live By

As a video content marketing agency, we must balance two things: creativity and analytics. When it comes to data analysis, we don’t have a choice. Attention spans are the shortest they’ve ever been and we (and our clients) live and die by the trends we see in our customer data.

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What Brand Awareness and Brand Recall Have in Common: Video

People love videos and they love to share them.

If you're doing something right with your messaging, your videos could be kind of like that pop song that you get caught scream-singing in your car when you think no one is watching :)

Video content is in high demand and there are a number of reasons it's the ultimate tool for branding. Read on for our tips on why.


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Video Infographic: 2016 Video Marketing Trends

The results are in from our 2016 Annual Video Marketing Survey!

250 marketers - from VPs to CMOs to CEOs - told us how their companies planned to use video content this year, what challenges they expect to face, how they'll measure video ROI and more.

In this post we present a video infographic and then break down the survey in a little more detail. See where your company stands compared to others in 2016.

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