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Make Content Marketing Dollars Stretch with Video

Who among us is not happy to see the phrase “Buy 1, Get 1 Free?” Or better yet, “3 for the Price of One?” There’s nothing like knowing we’re getting more for our money when it’s time to do some shopping. The same should be true for corporate video.

In this post we show real-life tips to help stretch your budgeting dollars.


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6 Ways to Win at Video Content Marketing Production

Throw your head back, shoot your hands up in the air and celebrate! Your video marketing content just performed incredibly well. Your team is in awe of your accomplishment. The CEO just awarded you with an extra 2 weeks of vacation.

OK, maybe this is an exaggeration but good things can happen when you do video content right. Here are some tips to help you with the process.

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Here's Exactly What to Look for When Hiring a Video Production Team

If you have a creative initiative with lots of moving parts, hiring the right production team can be critical to its success.

In this post, we want to start from the beginning. You've consulted with internal stakeholders, you want to take on a creative idea with lots of moving parts, and you know that hiring the right production team will be critical to its success.

Now you're ready to hire your dream team. Naturally, the next question becomes... "what exactly do I look for?" The following provides a few attributes to consider when hiring the best production team for your business.

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5 Trends Driving Video Marketing in 2016

What are marketers and industry insiders saying about video trends for 2016? How does your marketing plan compare to others? And what trends are coming that you might be able to use yourself?

In this blog article we break down some trends that are here now, coming soon, and possible but not definite.

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Using Video Marketing to Enhance Your Brand

Branding isn't just for websites, business cards and logos.

Good video content is an extension of your overall marketing plan and should match your colors, look and feel, and messaging. When a potential customer comes to your site or blog after watching your video, that should be a smooth process. And the reverse is just as true.

Here's how Malo Smiles and Storyboard Media Group did it with a 30-second commercial.

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