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7 Video Marketing Trends for 2017

Technology makes everything move faster and part of the battle with modern marketing is to know what's coming around the bend.

With new channels to house visual data constantly popping up, it should come as no surprise that videos are being increasingly used in marketing campaigns. 2017 is bursting at the seams with potential opportunities to market video content.

Check out the top 7 trends for this coming year:

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5 Trends Driving Video Marketing in 2016

What are marketers and industry insiders saying about video trends for 2016? How does your marketing plan compare to others? And what trends are coming that you might be able to use yourself?

In this blog article we break down some trends that are here now, coming soon, and possible but not definite.

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2016 Video Marketing Trend: How Marketers Will Measure ROI

Time and money. Just a couple of things that go into creating marketing content.

Time is something we can never get back. Money is another story. Using smart startegies and tactics, you can ensure a good return on investment with video content.

This fourth installment of our 2016 Video Marketing Trends series looks at how marketers are planning to measure video content ROI in 2016, and why social sharing is no longer a top three strategy.

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2016 Video Marketing Trend: Video Ads

Rumors and whispers are suggesting 2016 will be the year Google starts supporting CPC, targeted video ads in search results. Is it time to say goodbye to plain, old text CPC ads in favor of video ads?

Common sense tells us two things: Google makes money with CPC advertising, and online video is the star of video content - increasing engagement and awareness for companies who do it right. Adding 2+2 makes us think the rumors are true. Be better prepared to use this new avenue for marketing and advertising.

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