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2016 Video Marketing Trend: Video Ads

Rumors and whispers are suggesting 2016 will be the year Google starts supporting CPC, targeted video ads in search results. Is it time to say goodbye to plain, old text CPC ads in favor of video ads?

Common sense tells us two things: Google makes money with CPC advertising, and online video is the star of video content - increasing engagement and awareness for companies who do it right. Adding 2+2 makes us think the rumors are true. Be better prepared to use this new avenue for marketing and advertising.

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4 Tips for Video - Delivering Your Message in 30 Seconds or Less

Fact: Online video has definitely arrived. Fact: It is evolving and maturing. Fact: The consumption of online video just keeps growing and growing.

As a marketer trying to explain a product or sell a service you have so much to say. But in the world of online content, you don't have a lot of time to say it. So how do you say a mouthful in 30 seconds or less?

A few simple tips can help keep the messaging in your video content marketing on track.

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