We're experts in storytelling the technical and emotional.

This is what makes us a great partner to healthcare and medical companies. Here are 5 reasons why using video to showcase patient storytelling with technical expertise creates trust and brings in new customers.

  1. Authenticity - No one is a better salesperson for your service than real clients.
  2. Amazing testimonials - We've filmed a number of testimonial videos, but the stories we hear from patients about how their lives change are very emotional and transformational.
  3. Stand out from competitors - It's important to make sure you define how your practice, level of expertise and benefits are different to engage new customers.
  4. Showcase expertise- the healthcare industry is all about expertise. Share how you go beyond with patient outcomes, customer service, personalized care and knowledgeable staff.
  5. Create Word of Mouth - to gain new clients who have seen for themselves that your services are built on technical expertise & trust.
Patients have been insisting to see me based on the fact that they liked what they saw.
— Dr. Lipani

Several patient interviews were used in this main piece, but each was also turned into its own individual testimonial video. Allowing Princeton Neurological to keep their website and social media fresh.

Being entrusted with a client’s video marketing content over several years - from television commercials to About Us videos, and from Patient Testimonial Videos to staff and doctor photography - is really something special.

Sometimes an animation is the best way to showcase the benefits of a healthcare product. In this example, we were asked to illustrate how a supplement would make a patient feel.

We previously created a television commercial for our client in the health care field. They found the 30-second spot to be so effective that they asked us to create a full suite.

Storyboard Media Group helps healthcare companies use whiteboard animation explainer videos to explain services, simply. Customizable and unique to each client, they're a great addition to your video marketing.

Nothing beats the very personal story of someone who is looking for the very best care and finding it. This patient testimonial instill confidence for Dr. Lipani’s practice.

Our task was to create an overview video for new product in a suite of vitamin supplements. The video is shown in waiting rooms nationally and the message needed to be quick & precise.

This quick explainer video showcases how our client's probiotics work by breaking the technical process down in an easy-to-understand animation.

Our client, Malo Smiles, wanted us to produce video content marketing that would be placed online. This is not only a "Who We Are" and "What We Do" video, but a facility tour to help patient feel comfortable navigating their office suite.