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The Anatomy of a Product Video: Behind-the-Scenes

Of course, the key to any successful project lies in the planning process. Our agency produces a large array of media, and we specialize in product videos.

One of our recent projects was an explainer video for an item wellness product that introduces viewers to its benefits through the use of animation, voiceover, on-screen talent and high impact visuals.

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Why Animated Video Production is Stealing our Hearts

We're in love with cartoons. It probably happened years ago—when you were a kid—but the effectiveness of this medium hasn't lost it's edge on all of us. People are drawn to animation (no pun intended) and when you break it down, it's easy to understand why.

Companies that harness animated video production know that it can be an incredibly effective marketing tool when done correctly. If you're still grappling with the idea of whether it's the right move for your business, consider some of the following reasons why we love it.           


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4 Tips for Video - Delivering Your Message in 30 Seconds or Less

Fact: Online video has definitely arrived. Fact: It is evolving and maturing. Fact: The consumption of online video just keeps growing and growing.

As a marketer trying to explain a product or sell a service you have so much to say. But in the world of online content, you don't have a lot of time to say it. So how do you say a mouthful in 30 seconds or less?

A few simple tips can help keep the messaging in your video content marketing on track.

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