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How Fashion Videos Help Demonstrate Brand Culture + True Craftsmanship

Fashion is cutthroat and one way in which brands are gaining a competitive edge is by taking customers on their product journey.

Showing your customer a video of someone personally making your product is by far one of the strongest ways to enforce a brand culture and demonstrate true craftsmanship.

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Countdown to Fashion Week: 7 Ways Video Keeps Your Brand Top of Mind

Fashion begs attention. This makes it an amazingly demanding art form which creates stiff competition. There's no better demonstration of this than New York Fashion Week.

In honor of this huge event, we're sharing 7 tips on how to keep your brand on the tip of people's tongues year-round using a not-so-secret marketing weapon: video.

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Explainer Videos - Even Robots Need Them

A robot becomes a star in this new product video we created for 5 Elements Robotics.

Brand building with video becomes a little bit easier when the brand itself is a personality. Budgee the Personal Assistant Robot talks, follows directions, carries things and helps make life a litte easier. This video helps introduce him to a much wider audience. 


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Using Video Marketing to Enhance Your Brand

Branding isn't just for websites, business cards and logos.

Good video content is an extension of your overall marketing plan and should match your colors, look and feel, and messaging. When a potential customer comes to your site or blog after watching your video, that should be a smooth process. And the reverse is just as true.

Here's how Malo Smiles and Storyboard Media Group did it with a 30-second commercial.

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