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Countdown to Fashion Week: 7 Ways Video Keeps Your Brand Top of Mind

Fashion begs attention. This makes it an amazingly demanding art form which creates stiff competition. There's no better demonstration of this than New York Fashion Week.

In honor of this huge event, we're sharing 7 tips on how to keep your brand on the tip of people's tongues year-round using a not-so-secret marketing weapon: video.

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New: Creative Kickstarter Video

Kickstarter... IndieGoGo... GoFundMe... It seems like a new crowd-funding site is born every day. And with every new site there are hordes of individuals, start-ups and established companies vying for attention and notice.

The trick to a successful funding campaign to to stand out - From the product itself to the "ask" for money, and from the rewards for early adopters to the marketing of the campaign. Video is absolutely essential to this.

The creators of Pillarhub knew that standing out meant having a unique video that would get noticed.

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How Video Helped A Kickstarter Campaign

What's better than raising $50,000 dollars on Kickstarter for a new business venture? How about raising more than $105,000 for two new business ventures?

Davek Accessories NYC Inc., maker of an amazing line of high-quality umbrellas, was so happy with the success of their first Kickstartercampaign that they decided to do it again. This time with bigger goals and a bigger payoff.

They knew that the video for their first campaign had over 20,000 views and was an important part to their success. So we got a chance to work with them again to put together another video.

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